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The Trial Rear is BACK!

After numberous requests for our infamous Supra Trial Rear which we discontinued due to warping of the mold (over-used), it is finally BACK! Perfect Fitment guaranteed! at ONLY AT £224.99 + VAT it is cheaper than anywhere on the net!

Available direct from our online shop: http://www.knightracer.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=770

Knight-Racer’s Fortune RX7 pays a return visit!

Since completing the project 2 years ago, the car has been used purely as an enjoyment tool by its new owner, but unfortunately it has picked up some stone chips and scratches along the way. So its back for a touch up!

While it was here, we’ve fitted a set of our very popular Aerocatches and given the whole car a good wax… now its back to a show stunner!





KR’s R35 GTR 7-page magazine feature

KR at Japshow 2010

What a day! Great turnout with good weather to match! Knight-Racer had the full team in force! Thanks to our lovely promo girls and the Flaunt Dance crew for a great show!

Total Nissan magazine team up with KR

Total Nissan has recently launched their very own R33 GTSt project, looking for the best traders in the UK to team up with for various modifications on the car. Of course with their list of contacts, they are looking for the best of the best! Naturally for bodykit and styling, Total Nissan approached Knight-Racer since our quality of parts and services seem to be highly recommended amongsts skyline enthusiasts. So we booked them in for a full day’s work on fitting, prep and lacquering the kit ready for vinyl wrapping (their next stop).

Total Nissan magazine available at WHSmith’s, Sainsbury’s or online at: http://www.totalcarmagazines.co.uk/subscribenissan.htm

KR’s R35 GTR in upcoming game DRIVER

Ubisoft’s new game Driver will feature many top marques including the R35 GTR. If you select this car in the game you will be hearing every engine and exhaust sound made uniquely from Knight-Racer’s R35 GTR – from revving at launch, through gear changes and hitting that rev limiter!

Knight-Racer Facebook page launched!

Add us on Facebook to see our latest products, offers, projects and events!

KR at Modified Nationals 2010

What a show! One of the biggest shows of the year! Entire showground was rammed inside and out. Thanks to Max Power for having us inside their Paddock. KR girls - Meesha, Scarlett & Kez did a great job! 

KR at JTS Silverstone!

It was the hottest day of the year so far! not a cloud in sight! Those who forgot their sun lotion were starting to look like lobsters by midday! Some excellent track action followed by some spectacular drifting in the BDC arena! Knight-Racer stand exhibited the R35 GTR sporting our newest Hybrid Carbon products and our latest skyline R33 re-vamp project, along with show girls Michelle and Scarlett. Thanks to all!


Mel’s R35 GTR Carbon Kitted!

After a few phone calls and a personal visit to see and inspect Knight-Racer’s products, Mel decided to go ahead with a full carbon package for his GTR. However, due to his busy work schedule and being over 100miles away, it was most convenient for him to take advantage of our collection and delivery service.

What did he have?

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Front Splitter

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Side Skirts

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Rear Diffuser

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Grille

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Bonnet Vents

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Front Fender Vents

- KR R35 GTR OEM Carbon Rear Spoiler

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Slam Panel

- KR R35 GTR Carbon Engine Cover

Mel’s comments: “Thanks Albert….. I am very pleased with the work”

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